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Purpose and Direction:
"Success at the Next Level"

Our Motto:
“I achieve success when I do my very best.”

2014/15 Afton Elementary School Improvement Goals

1.  All students at Afton Elementary will improve in writing skills across the curriculum.

  • Students will be taught editing and peer-editing strategies to correct punctuation.
  • “Step Up to Writing” gives students the tools to visually see the structure of a well-written response.
  • “Train Model” is a visual tool used to identify the topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion.
  • Interactive Writing is used to create a writing piece with the students and teacher working collaboratively.

2.  All students at Afton Elementary will improve in reading comprehension.

  • Students will be taught to pull key words from comprehension questions and structure a complete, written response.
  • Students will be taught to recognize context clues, draw conclusions, and locate answers within text structures.
  • Classroom teachers will participate daily in a novel study with a small group of struggling readers.  This reading group will provide students with a more detailed approach to the mechanics and structure of a chapter book.  Guided reading groups will be used to scaffold struggling readers as they apply reading comprehension strategies.
  • The Braidy Doll is a tool to develop oral language using a visual, kinesthetic, tactile language-based manipulative that will be used with our kindergarten and first graders.

Greetings from the Principal

Afton Elementary is a K-3 school located in the heart of Afton, Wyoming and nestled against the Salt River Range by the mouth of Swift Creek. Afton Elementary is known for its high expectations, high academic performance and high levels of parent involvement.

Afton Elementary is blessed with a tremendously effective team of teachers, specialists and paraprofessionals who work closely together to insure the success of each child. Students are grouped for reading and math in ways to best meet their unique needs. For instance, every day students are instructed in 87 different reading groups that focus on the skill level of the group. Group sizes range from 1 to 15 students. Math groupings are fewer but still the focus is on current student performance and needs. Generally, about 85% of students score at or above grade level in reading and math.

To top high levels of achievement off, the most recent climate survey taken by teachers, students and parents indicates that the learning environment is exceptional as well. All 6 areas questioned in the survey averaged scores from over 4 on the low end to almost 5 on the high end. This was on a scale of 1 to 5.

Afton Elementary parents and volunteers are the best! What in the world would we do without all the selfless hours volunteered to our school by wonderful busy people? Over 1564 hours were logged this year from numerous volunteers helping in the classrooms, promoting Reading Renaissance, helping in the media center, providing special assemblies, conducting vision screenings, being room mothers, entering data in to cumulative files, hosting a pumpkin carving contest, participating in family literacy week, reviewing new books, decorating birthday boards, handing out snow cones and popcorn, celebrating great teachers during teacher appreciation week, manning stations during our field day, etc.

Alan L. Allred, Principal


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